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Frequently Asked Questions
1) Q: Will I get a deal if I haggle?
A: Hagglers won't be rewarded with any advantage over regular consumers. All our listed prices are transparent and equal to everyone. While hagglers spend tons of time haggling back and forth with attempt of squeezing out dimes and nickles, our precious time is well spent developing products and serving serious customers.
2) Q: May I buy only the jacket or pants of your wedding/prom dress suit? How much is it?
A: Every product in our Mens Modern Retro Dress Suits sells as a whole set as described on the webpage, and CANNOT be broken up for individual sale.
You can buy Mens high-fashion dress jackets from our Personalized Men Suit Jackets, Mens Leather Fashion Jackets and Designer Gothic Punk & Hipster Outerwear
Mens Dress Pants from our Mens Fashion Dress Pants
Fashion dress shirts from our Mens Modern Retro Dress Shirts and Designer Gothic Punk & Hipster Fashion Shirts
Neckties, bolo & bow ties, and tie tacks Fancy Bejeweled Neckties and Bow Ties
3) Q: Why do the seemingly same-looking Gothic Steam Punk items sell only 10-20 or so bucks even dimes on other websites while times priced on your website
A: Because those are poor counterfeit knockoffs from tiny sweatshops in Hong Kong by stealing and copying our designer product pictures. Their actual items are never true to the product photos by using inferior materials, and sizes are way smaller than the standard size chart in their misleading listings. Here's some feedback/review from THEIR buyers:"5 out of 7 patches of the Punk sweater have grossly misspelling mistakes, which makes the garment nonsensical!"
"What a shoddy Gothic skirt with the underlay lace sewn inside out!"
"Very poor knockoffs, sub-par cheap. I will never wear this flimsy thing to make me look like a fool!"
"I live in Canada. Even my 8-year-old cousin cannot fit into their Goth pants labelled size L!"
"The Gothic Lolita dress takes forever to finally arrive, but not the same as the photos. Simply a wrong thing!"
You will be shocked if you learn how many returns and disputes those counterfeiters are bombarded by their frustrated buyers every day. But if you feel you are only worth those poor knockoffs despite that headache and unsightly look, just go for them, and please don't push us to sell authentic designer pieces for online flea-market price.
What a shame some online marketplaces help promote overseas counterfeiters for mere gain's sake and leave innocent customers defrauded!
Guaranteed all our Designer Gothic Steam Punk Fashion products come from the authentic designers, 100% true to the product photos and size charts, all of which are made of premium materials with every detail taken good care of!
4) Q: I'd like to sell your products in my store and/or on my e-commerce website. What are your wholesale terms?
A: Physical and online establishments worldwide are welcome to resell our original designer products only AFTER placing a requited bulk order and getting our written permission.
To start off, a one-time bulk order is required with a minimum quantity starting from 100s to 1000s for each product to enjoy the wholesale price. If you buy a small quantity for different products at once, it's deemed as a mixed other than wholesale order, then please shop on our website to enjoy a combined shipping rate.
All our pictures, images and videos as Liquiwork's intellectual property are protected under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. It's illegal to copy our product pictures without our written permission on any websites, blogs or social media without a link back to the source webpage on We reserve all legal rights to pursue offenders.
5) Q: May I have a custom item made in a different color than the photos?
A: Yes and no. Color change is feasible only when our fabric in your requested different color is in stock.
6) Q: Can you remove the rosettes from the bridal gown SKU#, sequins from the evening dress SKU#, shoulder straps from the Gothic trench coat SKU#, or add a peplum onto the Victorian ball gown SKU#, etc...?
A: No, restyling of our products from the original design is not possible. The alteration of products has the potential, and may lead to a "Not As Described" dispute event. You always have the option to make alterations after purchase and are responsible for any consequences.
7) Q: Can you make the tight-fit Punk Rock pants relax fit, full-length evening gown high-low, or make the wedding dress with satin instead of lace as photographed, etc...?
A: No restyling or material alternation to all products. Fabric used is an essential part of making a particular design, so no changes to existing styles.
8) Q: I saw a dress (or outfit) in a magazine or movie. May I send you the pictures and you make it for me?
A: We only make the items listed on our website which are marked “Custom-made”.
9) Q: I’m interested in a Gothic trench coat (wedding shoes, evening gowns, prom suit, etc...) on your website, but the ready-made sizes are too small (or too big) for me. Can you custom-make one in my size?
A: "Ready-made" products CANNOT be re-sized or custom-made in a retail quantity. Only “custom-made” items (marked on their product pages) can be made in any size according to the customer supplied measurements.
The only way to have a "ready-made" product custom made in a particular non-listed size is mass-producing in our factory with the minimum quantity for each size starting in 100 units. If you're interested in this regard, please reach us with your production plan by using the Contact Us form at the bottom.
10) Q: I want to buy a wedding dress on your website, but the ready-made size doesn’t exactly fit me. Can you make adjustment?
A: No resizing to all ready-made products. If you feel the need to have a ready-made product adjusted, you may buy one in a size big enough to have it altered down face-to-face with your local tailor for an optimal effect. Otherwise, please consider our custom-made products.
11) Q: I like a low-back ballroom dress on your website, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to wear it at my 20-year reunion party held at a Las Vegas casino. Can you call me for a discussion? Or I'll be 6-month pregnant on my wedding date, so what size bridal dress should I order?
A: Well, nobody can make such kind of personal decisions for you as you're the only one supposedly knowing your own physique and circumstances. We suggest you have a well-thought plan for your event and use us to fill your special occasion wardrobe.
12) Q: May I visit your warehouses?
A: Our warehouses are online orders fulfillment centers which are not equipped for walk-in visit. Individual customers are encouraged to shop on our website
13) Q: Can you send me a fabric swatch, sample, material, pattern, etc... of product X?
A: We only carry finished products without raw materials available.
14) Q: Can you send me a catalog?
A: As we sell out and update some stock, and add new products on a daily basis, a paperback catalog never reflects our real-time selection. You're welcome visit our website oftentimes, or sign up Liquiwork Newsletter List for the latest product and price updates.
15) Q: May I rent an item from your website? I promise I'll take good care of it.
A: All our products are for sale, not for rent. Plus, returning after using our product is against our Return Policy.
16) Q: I love your designs! May I talk to your designers to custom my special occasion outfit? Or can you design and make my special occasion outfit according to my ideas?
A: We are not personal designers, outfitters or dressing consultants. All our products are listed on our website where you're welcome to shop!
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